" Families are not just numbers. They are names and they are stories. "Vikki Bennett

About me

My name is Jelena and I am a woman, I am a wife, I am a mother of two boys, I am a Godmother of little girl and a trainee doula.
All what is written here, is my personal information and please treat it as a special secret that will work as a bridge between you and me and will help to bond us.
I was born in Estonia, in Russian speaking family, was growing up in a very small village with mum, dad and sister. I loved to spend time with my grandma and often stayed with her for weekends and summer holidays. I got most of my cooking, baking, household management and gardening skills just from seeing her doing it and then later helping her and now it is part of my own life. Babies and baking are the passion of my life Looks like I just explained why I chose to work under the MindChef name.
At the age of 16 I met my love and we got married when I was 18. In my early twenties, we moved to UK. First couple years I spent learning English language and working in a hotel. It was very important for me to be able to communicate independently with people and learn to understand English culture.
At the age of 23 my first son was born and 18 months later my second. My boys changed my world, they taught me so much about myself, I love them much more than I could ever imagine. Of course, they make me feel blessed, loved and happy but mostly being with them by myself, I have also experienced real challenges and sometimes I felt helpless and lonely. Parenting, especially in early days, shouldn’t be unsupported. We all need someone beside us to help and simply to listen.
I want to be as honest as possible and I should say that I personally never heard anything about doulas I found out that they exist only when my youngest son was one year old. Someone asked in our local Facebook NCT page to recommend them a doula and I Googled the word “doula”. So, after reading the description of it I was sold – I just felt that it is exactly what I want to do and it is going to be the goal of my life. Now when my own kids are a bit older and do not need me 24/7, I would like to support other families.
I am calling myself a “trainee” doula but isn’t it just something that we are born with? Babies have always been in my life and now I have knowledge to support their parents too. Unbelievable but so true, like you can probably feel from reading it all – I am very excited about finding doula inside me.
I have attended Doula UK Introductory Workshop in March 2017 to be sure that I am in right direction. Then I made connection with The Red Tent doulas and had training held by amazing and strong woman Nicola Goodall in September 2017. Also, I have taken part in Wysewoman Breastfeeding support – a holistic approach workshop in September 2017. Every day I am making little steps to educate and at the same time to re-educate myself and to open my mind as wide as possible.
If after reading it all you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Email: jelena@mindchef.co.uk


Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes in life. Even though this is a natural process, it doesn’t always come naturally to us all.
It is normal in early days for your baby to feed very frequently whilst they are transitioning from their previous life in the uterus. Breastfeeding experience between you and your baby should make you both happy and it is great for bonding. Sometimes without the right support and advice, it can be quite hard and upsetting. If you feel that going to support group just doesn’t feel right or you simple don’t feel up to it physically or emotionally, I am happy to visit you in your own home and support you.
Breastfeeding is a skill that can be taught with time, trust, care and support. I hope to offer a service that will ensure a happy and successful breastfeeding experience for the whole family.

I am charging £30 per session in day time and £50 in the evenings.
PS! I can do nights too but only if I am available (no other bookings). This will include my travelling time and cost (up to 13 miles), all products and accessories I will bring with me and cost of support. Session time is not limited, all situations and babies are different but in average it will be around 2hrs.


Postnatal doula care
I am working by sessions, with one session lasting up to 2.5 hrs (£45). For example, if you book two sessions for one day, it will be up to 5 hrs (£90). Usually one session per day works out very well.
If you book 3 or more sessions in advance I will charge £40 per session.
For all my birth service clients the postnatal care is charged at £40 per session.

Birth doula service
Starts from £450 depend on your location and specific care needs but including all meetings and support before and after birth and the birth itself. My costs are very simple and worked out according to 28 days on call – I put this time aside so that I can be contacted 24 hours a day for 28 days – added to this is supporting at the birth regardless of how long it takes.

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Mother blessing ceremony
Women who choose motherblessings want something more intimate than the
typical baby shower, or something that doesn’t solely focus on baby. They want to
feel more empowered about birth, especially if they preparing for a natural birth.
It is charged at £50 and can be held on weekends only.