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What is a Postnatal Doula?

A postnatal doula offers support in emotional, physical and practical ways. They are in-person experts who can help you transition into first time parenthood, or adding a sibling to your family. Information can be provided on soothing techniques, breastfeeding or...

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Frequently asked questions about doula’s work

Is doula the same thing as a midwife? No. A doula provides no medical or nursing care. Doula provides continuous support for the whole family through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood. Filling a role that new mothers and families have always needed, we...

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Frequently asked questions 

about Baby massage What do I need to bring with me? Bring your baby with you first and foremost! You’ll also need a small baby blanket and a hand towel, as well as any usual baby equipment needed (changing bag). Please dress in comfortable clothes, you will sit on a...

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Benefits of baby massage

Being a great way of affirming your bond with your baby. It is fun and enjoyable for both baby and parent Helps both baby and parent to relax Helping you become more confident in handling your child and better at recognising their needs. Research has shown that baby...

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