A postnatal doula offers support in emotional, physical and practical ways. They are in-person experts who can help you transition into first time parenthood, or adding a sibling to your family. Information can be provided on soothing techniques, breastfeeding or bottle feeding support and sibling adjustment. Practical support such as meal preparation and laundry can help ease the load at home.

Some of the benefits of having a Postnatal Doula include:

  • Impartial advice and support with your choices
  • Easier breastfeeding
  • More time to rest
  • More time to bond with your baby if you are well rested
  • Tidying up is done- less to worry about!
  • Home cooked meals while you rest
  • A helping hand and someone to talk to

What Does A Doula REALLY Do?

Doulas support women and families in all kinds of situations, who have different kinds of births and make a wide range of parenting choices. The services offered by a doula vary greatly according to the needs of the women, couple or family that she is working with.

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