about Baby massage
What do I need to bring with me?
Bring your baby with you first and foremost!
You’ll also need a small baby blanket and a hand towel, as well as any usual baby equipment needed (changing bag).
Please dress in comfortable clothes, you will sit on a floor. Also, if you like you can bring your own cushion to sit on it.
What if my baby cries or needs feeding or changing?
We will progress at the babies’ pace and the baby will always come first so whether your baby needs feeding, changing or whether they are unsettled, you can just sit and cuddle your baby till you are ready join back in. All parents are in the same situation and understand that babies don’t always want to do, what we want them to.
What if my baby is asleep when I arrive?
If your baby is asleep when you arrive please feel free to leave them in the buggy/sling or car seat whilst we chat.
Please remember, the strokes you learn during the sessions are only a part of the process, the more you practice at home the more you will start to see the benefits.
Baby massage can be part of your bed time routine daily.
My baby has just fed, can I still massage them?
It is advised that a baby’s tummy is not massaged within approx 45 minutes of a big feed, obviously they may need feeding before/during the session which is fine, but you will need to leave the tummy strokes until another time. Most of the body can still be massaged.
How long should I massage my baby?

For as long as your baby is relaxed. Keep checking in with your baby throughout the massage to make sure he/she is still happy to continue. You know your baby better than anyone, so stop when you feel he/she has had enough. It is always better to massage for one minute with a happy baby than carry on when baby has had enough.
What happens when my baby starts moving around?

You will need to be flexible and take the lead from him/her. The need for touch and massage does not diminish just because baby becomes more physically independent. Children enjoy positive touch and massage at all ages.

Are there any times when I shouldn’t massage?
Never massage sleeping baby or if baby is saying “NO” to massage. Safety is ensured by reading baby’s cues.
Is massage for all babies?
Absolutely! Regardless of whatever medical conditions or additional needs a baby may have, that a baby still has a need for touch and communication. Look at the baby will show you when, where, for how long and at what pressure she/he is happy to receive nurturing touch and massage.
Some babies will need the routine to be adapted according to their individual needs (if you are worried ask health visitor or GP for advice).